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Naturally Nizami otherwise praised Shirvanshah Akhsitan I in other places within the poem – he is In the end writing it for each the latter’s behalf and is obtaining generously, we suppose, compensated. And his Turkic-born 14-yr aged son has exhibited terrific wisdom is convincing his father to go in advance.

Why identify Evidently international Jewish and Christian religions and place the Pehlevi, and that is alleged to be the faith of his forefathers, In accordance with Persian chauvinists, on the same line? It does not seem sensible – it’s similar to Shakespeare creating that he performed his research in French, Swedish and …. English, and that he consulted Muslim, Jewish and Christian. Whenever we compose our resumes or CVs in the United states or United kingdom, can we essentially put English language proficiency on it while in the segment of languages?

Indeed such a nonsense saying Nizami being a coward (and certainly no you can create learn parts forcefully in literature within a language they do not want to write down in!) under the Seljuqid Turk, warrants only laughter.

I instructed exactly the same. Even Britannica from the report about Nizami will not declare that he was a Persian poet, but suggests:

In lieu of deleting the quotations from Nizami which i present, the inbound links to other Web-sites that I deliver, the biographical information which i cite (!), improved increase your own private fully-cited facts.

And by the way some 1946 USSR scholar does not know Significantly about Shirvanshah and Iranian scholars have refuted their foolish promises. I have described the above verse and I will do this yet again. First of all Nizami closely praises the ShirvanShah. Secondly he rates the Shirvan Shah in beutifull poetry:

In truth, how improperly versed in Nizami’s poetry and geography one must be, to say that Shirin was Armenian if she just traveled (i.e, not lived, as is evident in the poem!) to Armenia, a geographic thought to start with as there was no unbiased Armenia either in Nizami's time or in Khosrov time. I suppose File.Kafka was ethnic German or ethnic Czech, considering the fact that he wrote in German and lived in Prague -- but Actually he was Jewish.

به نِفرين تُرکان زَبان بَرگُشاد // که بی فِتنِه تُرکی زِ مادَر نَزاد//زِ چينی بِجُز چينِ اَبروُ مَخواه //ندارند پِيمان مردم نِگاه // سُخن راست گُفتند پيشينيان // که عَهد و وَفا نيست در چينيان // همه تَنگ چِشمی پَسنديده اند// فَراخی به چَشمِ کَسان ديده اند// خبر نی که مهر شما کين بُوَد// دل تُرکِ چين پُر خَمُ و چين بُوَد// اگر تُرکِ چينی وَفا داشتی // جهان زيرِ چين قَبا داشتی

This once again is often a forgery and lie. Demonstrate it by bringing the original Persian as It's not necessarily in the two prints available to me.

sixteen) Mr. Baguirov is racist at the same time(very well he accused me of it but his distate for Armenians reveals it). In truth if Khamseh experienced something to perform with Azarbaijani Turkic speakers, then it would have been translated very long way back to that language and never within the historically manipulated period of Stalin. According to praisal of Sultan Sanjar the Seljuq, other Persian poets have accomplished that as well (even some fashionable kinds) and he is known as relative just king. Also the Tale is about an aged lady complaigning to her. And Each time the text Hindu/Turk arise collectively, These are taken as symbols instead of ethnicities. According to unfavorable terms about you can check here Turks, we can evaluate Alexanders reference into the Khaghans plus the Shirvanshah claimed about Turks.

Certainly if essential I'll against my own will, but for that sake of fact, convey lots of several prices from Persian and Arabic poets and writers with regard to the barbarism of Oghuz Turks at time. So allows not simply call him an Oghuz Turk when scholars have not reported this type of point inside the West and outside of the Stalinstic period USSR (which no one can oppose Stalin). To mention he was an Oghuz Turk (which present day Azarbaijanis within the republic identification by themselves as), is historically inaccurate and isn't supported by Western scholars and several Students of the USSR.

I also btw have some investigate within the physical attributes of Turks and Oghuz Turks from Arabic/Persian literature and they're mongloid and it is evident to most scholars that Azarbaijan rebublic seasoned a linguistic change devoid of much DNA variation. Kaputsins strong statement and Stalins manipulations have been currently outlined and I won't endure.

36) Mr. Baguirov repeats the nonsense that Nizami’s father was a Turk but without a doubt if that was the situation, then all modern day Western Students would've outlined it and so they didn’t it. So certainly wanting to repeat a thing one thousand times won't make it true.

quote: "Extensive remarks and corrections are essential to Ali Doostzadeh’s discuss, since he Bonuses either is extremely partial, preferring to focus on a single and never A further, or seriously misinterprets some information or mistranslates and misattributes, or is outright false on Other people. That is a continuation of the final policy of chauvinism, discrimination and racism shown by some extremists and which leads to the nicely-regarded activities underway at this moment in South Azerbaijan’s (North Iran) metropolitan areas of Tabriz and Urmiya, in which a hundred,000’s Azerbaijanis are protesting the denial of their fundamental rights and common discrimination by the Iranian government and number of Persian chauvinists (chauvinism, an extreme kind of nationalism, is present in all cultures and folks, under no circumstances limited to Anybody country specifically).

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